Messaging for the Market

LiquidityBook is a full suite financial technology company with customized solutions for ALL securities firms and market participants who understand that innovative trading and messaging solutions will increase profitability while reducing unnecessary expense and risk.

LiquidityBook adds speed, breadth, and accuracy to all capital market communications and is the industry’s most innovative messaging system whether dealing with brokers, clients, exchanges or traders - across the room, or across the world – in Equities, Options, and Futures.

LiquidityBook offerings include: dual platform (IM and web based) Buy-side and sell-side OMS’s, FIX normalization and management services, risk and compliance tools, and customized high frequency trading solutions.


Streamlined Trading Solutions

LiquidityBook links your instant message orders into an immediately available, dynamically updating execution management system. Any action you take through LiquidityBook's IM solution is instantaneously reflected in the LiquidityBook web based blotter.

If you choose, you can use LiquidityBook's Execution Management System as your front-end, complete with trading information and an order entry facility. With LiquidityBook, there are no "desktop real-estate" obligations, software downloads, or hardware installations.