For more than a decade, LiquidityBook has provided FIX connectivity services to The Street, building a network that today includes over 250 routing destinations across 80 markets globally. With LBX Connect, you can write once to our spec and then access all brokers and destinations on the network, allowing you to focus on differentiating, alpha-generating activities rather than non-core technology work.

Global FIX Service Bureau

Normalized FIX connectivity management for equities, options and futures transactions. LBX Connect is certified with all major FIX engines, exchanges, third party networks and institutional brokers globally.

Real-Time Risk Gateway

Integrated 15c3-5 compliant pre-trade risk engine built atop LBX Connect’s FIX network. Includes web-based control interface for risk managers to configure real-time hard and soft limits based on notional limits, buying power, committed capital, traded value, etc.

FIX Translation

FIX translation allows clients to add, replace and delete content between different FIX operating system versions; ideal for users with bespoke OMSes leveraging older versions of FIX or non-fix syntax.

Compliance & Reporting Tools

Full suite of compliance and reporting tools designed to meet nearly any regulatory mandate, including 605/606, OATS, Professional trader calculations, wash trades, Odd lots, short sales, corporate actions, Exception reports, EOD reports and more. Support for custom reports also enables users to satisfy client-specific needs.

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